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Post Match Analysis

Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool | Champions League Last 16 1st Leg

Post Match Analysis

Dortmund 2-1 PSG  | Champions League Last 16 1st Leg

Post Match Analysis

Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Red Bull Leipzig  | Champions League Last 16 1st Leg

Post Match Analysis

Atalanta 4-1 Valencia  | Champions League Last 16 1st Leg

Week review - Last-16


Those Dudes of the Week

Their first ever knockout game, and they came out swinging. Showing Europe their brand of offensive football that is flud and dynamic. 

An almost perfect game from Atalanta, in a game they could have won by more. It just seemed they could score with every chance they got, as they cut open Valencia from all angles and were relentless.

But it shows just how dangerous they can be on their day.


That Dude of the Week

He may not have the best ball control, technique or balance with the ball, but man...this kid knows how to strike a ball. 

Two very important goals, with the second showing just how lethal he can be with both feet.


Bricks of the Week

This was a tough one to give, but based on the form Liverpool had coming into the game, and the team they were playing who had to deal with their own injuries, everyone expected more.

Granted, Atletico were superb defensively and denied Liverpool any space. But to go 90 minutes without registering a single shot on target is deep.


Brick of the Week

A true Brick, and a man deserving of residency in the famed Academy. 

It was bad enough that he produced one of the worst misses I've seen against Chelsea, but to double-up and miss another easy chance in a very important game is unforgivable. 

The man is just a brick through and through. 

Ronaldinho against AC Milan in the 2006 Champions League Semi-Final 1st leg.


2006 Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg - AC Milan 0-1 Barcelona

Dinho happened. 

This was the season of Dinho where Rijkaard gave him the keys to the Barcelona kingdom. Dinho accepted the responsibility and went about trying to lead this team to a CL trophy. Then came the might AC Milan who were last year's finalists and were desperate to right their wrongs. 

Dinho was not having it as he produced one of the most iconic Champions League performances with a brilliant array of skill and technique that left Milan's players chasing ghosts. It all culminated with a brilliant pass to Giuly who scored what would be the winning goal of the tie. 

Dinho happened. 

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