What is the brick academy?

What is it?

Located in Siberia, this is a school and a temporary home for the worst football players in the world.

What are the Classes?

The Bricks get separated in classes. With Class A being the very worst and Class C being an entry level. Players who improve can get suspended from the Academy.

How Can it Help Players?

Being inducted into the Brick Academy is both good and bad. There is the initial embarassment, but it brings awareness and forces players and managers to work  hard and be better

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Class B

David Luiz

He is a crap defender. There is simply no other way to put it. Dude just doesn't have a clue how to defend, mark a man or even organize a defence. 

Luiz is a naturally gifted footballer as most Brazilians are, and is great when he is on the ball. He's also a very underrated passer, and would work so well as a deep-lying playmaker. But a central defender is a very different position that requires a lot of responsibility. 

The longer he remains in that role in the center of a four-man defence, the more Arsenal will leaks goals.