Anything above 10 results in legal ownership of the losing team by the winning team.

This stands for degree of difficulty. And it relates to a player or team achieving success when the odds are stacked against them and hence, the victory carries more weight than other wins.

This stand for degree of impossibility. This one step up from D.O.D and is a feat that is deemed impossible with unrealistic odds stacked against a side or manager. Completion of this, is the ultimate dub in football.

This stands for Get It Done. And it relates to a team winning by any means necessary. It does not have to be pretty or beautiful It’s all about getting the win without any excuses.

This stands for the technical ability of the player. But in particular, a very high level of technical prowess with the ball.

This is simply the ability to execute the perfect step-over that fools the opposing player.

This stands for how good the player is on the ball. How precise and tight they control of the ball is as well as how they look when in control of the ball. It’s based purely on visual aesthetics.