The Horsemen


Diego Maradona

Helping to inspire Argentina to their second World Cup and their first on foreign soil in 1986.

Helping Napoli to their only two Serie A titles, overthrowing the giants of AC Milan and Juventus in the process. Maradona is one of the greatest players of all time.

He is arguably the greatest when you take into account his blend of incredible ability and contagious passion and desire to win. He truly exemplifies football. 



Seen as the undisputed greatest footballer of all time. When you look at his achievements, then his case is very strong for that title

From his amazing goal haul, to being a two-time World Cup winner, the first of which was as a 17 year old scoring in a semi-final and final. 

Pele redefined what a player could do on a pitch and was doing things that defenders did not know how to react to. His name is a trademark in itself and was the first to transcend the sport. 



Arguably the most complete and dangerous attacking player that game has ever seen. 

His impact on the sport was huge, with sponsors tripping over themselves to sign Ronaldo, the mercurial Brazilian talent.

Before his knee injury, Ronaldo was unstoppable and did things at a speed with such technique that cause defenders nightmares.

His finest moment was in the 2002 World Cup, coming off a serious knee injury, and not only being the top scorer in the tournament, 

but leading his country to World Cup success. 


Zinedine Zidane

One of the finest midfielders of all time. A man that influenced an entire team. From helping France to their first World Cup, to

scoring one of the most iconic Champions League winning goals of all time. 

But Zidane truly showed the world his greatness by coming out of retirement, and inspiring France to qualify for the 2006 World Cup and leading them to the final against all odds, 

beating the favourites Brazil in the process in one of the greatest individual performances of all time. 


Franz Beckenbauer

One of the most decorated footballing figures of all time. From helping to redefine how the sport viewed the role of a defender, 

to captaining West Germany and Bayern Munich to World Cup and European Cup glory. 

Beckenbauer was not done there, and took his knowledge of his playing days to succeed as a manager, winning the 

1990 World Cup with West Germany as head coach and the UEFA Cup wit Bayern, as the coach as well.