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Kevin De Bruyne playing for Manchester City.

Tier 1

Kevin De Bruyne

You could make the argument that he is one of the best passers in the world, and in a team that is so meticulously coached as Man City, De Bruyne truly stands out as one of the main components that makes the team tick. 

What makes him even more special and has given him Tier 1 status are the various offensive positions that he can take up, and how he can attack you both centrally or on the wing, along with his incredibly high footballing IQ. 

All that is left for him is to shine in a World Cup, Euro or Champions League final and he can perhaps reach Greatness status or even flirt with being called a legend. 

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Tier 3

Gonzalo Higuain

His best days may be gone, we will probably never see him reach the heights that he did in that incredible season he had for Napoli. 

But he is forging a new path for himself after the missteps at AC Milan and Chelsea, and reminding people that he still knows how to score goals. He's been looking pretty good so far with Juventus, and while not back to his best at Napoli, he is making a case for being one of the more under-rated strikers in Europe. 

Now...can he do it in a big game or a final?