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Ter Stegen playing for Barcelona.

Tier 1

Ter Stegen

He is the best keeper in the world. And he has held this position for the last few years. 

Yes, Oblak and Allison are close but in terms of pretty much winning and saving games for his team, no other keeper does this more regularly than Stegen. Far too many times, with a bunch of bricks ahead of him, he has had to make some sort of an incredible save. 

Neuer is a potential GOAT, but he may need to step aside to make way for the Stegen era. 

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Alphonso Davies playing for Bayern Munich

Upper Tier 2

Alphonso Davies

One of the great emerging talents in football right now and trying to make an argument of being one of the best in his position. 

Quietly has broken into the Bayern first team, and his consistent performances have made him one of the first names on the Bayern teamsheet. Now you can argue he is one of their most important players. 

Definitely has been a breakout season for him and being so young, who knows how good this kid can become?